Tour Kuala Terengganu on Bus Kite

“Bas Kite” is a bus service that takes you to all the popular tourist attractions in and around Kuala Terengganu. Tourists can use the service to hop on and hop off at any of the tourist attractions that lie on its route. You only need to pay a fee of between RM1 to RM3 per trip depending on the distance.

Tourists can choose between two routes with differing destinations and attractions for each route. The starting point for both routes is at the MBKT Bus Terminal, Jalan Sultan Mahmud. Route CO1 takes you from MBKT Bus Terminal to the Floating Mosque (Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque) in Kuala Ibai; whereas Route CO2 starts from MBKT Bus Terminal and ends at the Islamic Civilization Park in Pulau Wan Man.

“Bus Kite” can be easily recognized by its unique shape, which is that of a traditional Malay house and painted in colourful livery. The bus is fitted with wifi service and an LED screen. It has wide windows to give good views of the scenery along the way. The service starts at 9.00am for route C01 and 9.30am for route C02 and the last service leaves at 6.15pm for route C01 and 10.00pm for route C02.