Keris Making

The Keris is a traditional Malay dagger and is regarded as a cultural symbol of the Malays. The Keris is meant to not only physically protect the wearer and owner but is believed to hold mystical powers that further shields its owner from further harm. Legend has it that the owner would know danger lurking if the Keris starts to rattle in its sheath!

The shape of the Keris is quite unique and not found in any other weapon or dagger in the world. It has curves or waves that give the Keris its unique identity. The Keris is also a revered object and is part of the royal regalia.

The Keris’ beauty is made complete by the intricately carved wooden handle or hilt that sometimes depicts the shape of a kingfisher or other objects inspired by nature.

The best Keris makers are found in Kampung Pasir Panjang and Kampung Ladang Titian in Kuala Terengganu.