Keropok lekor

If one mentions keropok lekor (fish sausage) and keropok (fish crackers), the first thing that comes to mind would be Terengganu! Eaten as snacks, keropok lekor is made from pounded or minced fish with sago added in to give it a texture that can be easily rolled into sausages. First boiled and then eaten fried or steamed, keropok lekor comes in two versions, where the darker ones and deep fried is traditionally Malay whereas the white coloured steamed version is one commonly found in Kampung Cina and is the Peranakan recipe. The chili sauce that accompanies them are also different in taste.

Keropok is also a type of fish cracker and comes in flat pieces (similar to packaged potato chips). It is made by drying the flat cut pieces made from fish dough and dried in the sun until it is real hard. Cooking it is the easiest – dip the crackers in hot oil and it will expand in a few seconds and is ready to be eaten. Take it on its own or compliment it with the same chili sauce used for keropok lekor.