Marang River Estuary

Exotic Harbour Of The South China Sea

The Marang river estuary is a picturesque site and one in which many would consider as a very typical scene of rural Terengganu at its most rustic. Head south on the Kuala Terengganu/Kuantan trunk road and find a spot to park once you reach the town of Marang. Walk towards the Marang River bridge, and facing the river estuary, you may see fishing boats of all shapes and sizes anchored in the middle of the river. You will also see kampong homes on the right bank giving quite a scenic panorama of rural Terengganu. And looking across to the right in the distance you’d catch a partial view of Pulau Kapas across the sea.

After you’re done, make your way past the shop houses and follow the curve of the road and you’d see a lookout tower and not far from there, you’d come to a narrow bridge that takes you across to the beach. This is Pulau Kekabu and is known for its picturesque scene of the Marang harbour. There are plenty of photo taking opportunities.