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About Pantai Bukit Keluang

Under The Shadow Of Undulating Hills

Located in the district of Besut, this beach is rocky and shadowed by hills with a few caves whose inhabitants are nocturnal animals, mainly bats. The landscape is unlike any other found on any Terengganu beach or for that matter anywhere else in Malaysia. As the name suggests, the beach is at the foot of Bukit Keluang (Bukit is hill in English) and you get a stretches of rock terrain and sand.

One can have a breathtaking view from the top of Bukit Keluang which you can hike via a wooden walkway that winds around the contour of the rocky cliff edge and leads you to the top. You will also see some caves on the face of the cliff where bats inhabit. Once you’re at the peak, you’ll be mesmerized by a panoramic view of the sea with Pulau Rhu and Pulau Perhentian in the distance. Although the vista is very often photographed, who knows you may capture something more spectacular with the changing sky light and weather. In the distance too you will see the winding promontories that break the monotony of normally straight stretches of beach so often found in the rest of the state.