About Pantai Penarik

Rustic And Exotic

One of the most beautiful beaches in Terengganu that is dotted with hundreds of swaying coconut trees and rustic sleepy fishing kampungs. Serene and breathtakingly beautiful, the beach stretches for miles. From the shore, you can see Bidong and Redang Islands, which is a short boat ride away from the Merang Jetty.


If you linger and explore the length of the beach, you may come across some fishermen either going out to sea or just returning with a boat full of their fresh catch. Sometimes, the fishermen do not go all the way out but cast their nets a few metres from the beach. This is quite a rare sight for any visitor and you can ask around when is a good time to witness fishermen’s activities and wait with patience. After all, if you’re on vacation, there is no hurry to go anywhere else. So, live and enjoy the experience of what Terengganu is all about.