About Rantau Abang Turtle Info Centre

Everywhere you go in Terengganu, you’d probably see a turtle icon somewhere. This is the State’s much loved symbol as it was in Rantau Abang that the almost extinct leatherback turtles came from as far as South America to lay their eggs. However, the overall number of turtles such as the Green Back and Hawksbill species that swim to our shores is affected by rapid development and poaching and efforts are being made to stop their dwindling population. You can learn about the different species of turtles at the Rantau Abang Turtle Information Centre and across the road on the beach, you can make a visit to the turtle hatchlings. And if you’re lucky, you’d get to release baby turtles into the sea!


Getting there:
Take the T3 coastal road from Kuantan and Kuala Terengganu. You will see the centre located next to this main road when you arrive in Rantau Abang.