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About Setiu Wetlands

Nine Ecosystems in One Destination

The Setiu Wetlands consists of three river basins converged to form a continuous lagoon 14 km long. It has nine interconnected ecosystems that read like a biodiversity textbook. It is a mixture of sand islands, mudflats, mangroves, peat swamp, riparian forest, seagrass beds and sand beaches, and a lagoon filled with both sea and fresh water. And its diversity extends to it being a breeding ground for scores of mammals, reptiles and marine life. One can also visit a seafood aquaculture centre in the middle of the lagoon. Not many know that this centre also breeds oysters. Combined with beautiful scenery, Setiu Wetlands is heaven for the eco-tourist – an interesting destination for those who love the outdoors and nature.


Fun Activities
  • Diving
  • Self Drive Tour
  • Squid Jigging
  • Photography
  • More…
Popular Delicacies
  • Nasi Dagang
  • Keropok Lekor
  • Sata
  • Lompat Tikam
  • More…

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