Forest Soul

Green Heaven

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Big Cats

Wild Lifestyle

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T Holiday Travel & Tours Sdn.Bhd.

Perhentian Bas dan Teksi, Bandar Permaisuri, 22100 Setiu, Terengganu.

T: 09-6090268

Lamisha Event & Leisure Sdn. Bhd

No. 12 Atas Perkedaian Buluh Perindu, Bandar Permaisuri, 22100 Setiu

T: 019-2820609

Fun Activities
  • Diving
  • Self Drive Tour
  • Squid Jigging
  • Photography
  • More…
Popular Delicacies
  • Nasi Dagang
  • Keropok Lekor
  • Sata
  • Lompat Tikam
  • More…