Songket Weaving

Centuries-old art of textile weaving, the songket is one of Terengganu’s top products whose weavers are considered to be the best in the country.

Songket is a brocade, where gold and silver threads are woven on a cotton or silk base where the motifs “float” to form beautiful pieces. Considered a luxury textile, its place in Malay culture is regarded as a must-wear for ceremonial dresses and costumes, worn by both men and women. The production of a songket piece can take weeks or months depending on its length and the intricate patterns that are employed.

Depending on the grade of the songket, which is determined by the intricate weft and patterns, pieces can fetch a very high price, some as high as RM80,000 or more. However, most pieces are priced between RM500 to RM8000. It is often handed down to family members as heirlooms.