Weaving Crafts (Mengkuang)

Vibrant, practical and light, our mengkuang products make great souvenirs. Get hold of a purse, bag or jewellery box for your personal use. Or look out for our cone shaped colourful “tudung saji” or food cover, which is a staple and a must-buy to keep away the dust and flies from getting to the food. Our innovative mengkuang products have come a long way and fit well in a modern home.

The art of weaving of dried leaves of various plants has been a part many indigenous cultures for centuries. In Terengganu, it is the pandanus amaryllifolius or screw pine leaves (not the ones used for cooking but a sturdier version with prickly leaves) that are commonly used to make household items such as floor mats, rice holders, food covers and different kinds of bags and baskets. Some new products that have been introduced in recent times include purses and lamp shades, sometimes innovatively combined with textile to widen its use and appeal.