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About Kenyir Elephant Conservation Village

Graceful Creatures Of The Forest

A man-made wonder turned natural wonder, Tasik Kenyir is Malaysia’s largest. And with 340 islands, borne out of hill tops when the valleys were filled with water during the construction of the Kenyir Dam.

Tasik Kenyir is a nature lover’s haven. From exploring the many varieties of flora and fauna, to bird watching, fish breeding, elephant sanctuary to exploring ancient caves, this is an eco-tourist must visit.

Fun Activities
  • Diving
  • Self Drive Tour
  • Squid Jigging
  • Photography
  • More…
Popular Delicacies
  • Nasi Dagang
  • Keropok Lekor
  • Sata
  • Lompat Tikam
  • More…

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