Nasi Dagang

A most sought after dish that is made from a mixture of rice and glutinous rice, steamed twice in coconut milk to get the right texture and eaten with a red tuna fish curry accompanied by pickled cucumber and carrot “acar” or relish. This dish is not for the novice cook as it requires patience and a good eye for detail. One would judge how well nasi dagang is made by a simple test of eating it on its own. If it’s good enough to be eaten on its own, then it is well made!

Not to be confused with the Kelantanese version, the Terengganu nasi dagang uses white rice and the fish must be tuna. Traditionally, the nasi dagang’s packaging is distinct from other rice dishes in that it is wrapped in banana leaf shaped like a cone; and this is how you identify it when making your choice at a food vendor.