About Pulau Redang

Beautiful Beaches, Rich Marine Life

Pulau Redang’s enchanting beauty with its pristine azure waters and white sandy beaches draw many tourists to spend a few days to relax and unwind here. With good first class accommodation and smaller resorts available, Pulau Redang proves to be a paradise to suit all budgets.

It lies 45 km north of Kuala Terengganu on a 1 ½ hour boat ride from the Shahbandar jetty in Kuala Terengganu and a 40-minute one from the Merang Jetty. Pulau Redang is also about a half hour boat ride from Pulau Perhentian. You can actually have a holiday on both islands in one vacation trip if you want to experience the best of our offshore islands.

Pulau Redang lies in a gazetted marine park area, called the Pulau Redang Marine Park, that also includes several smaller islands. It is administered by the Department of Marine Park Malaysia, which provides special protection and management of marine environments and wildlife of national significance. It offers great snorkeling and diving activities and contains one of the most beautiful coral reefs teeming with tropical exotic marine life in the country.

For those who get easily excited about seeing beautiful marine life, take full care that you don’t destroy or remove or stand on coral formations. They are our national treasures and with your understanding and cooperation, we hope the corals and marine life can be protected and preserved to maintain a healthy ecosystem and environment for posterity.

Apart from beaches and coral reefs, one of the main attractions is the mangrove forest, which is ecologically beneficial to both land and marine life and it helps to maintain a natural sustainable ecosystem for the island.

An interesting fact that many do not know, and to show how old this island is, preserved plant fossils of the Upper Palaeozoic Age (that’s a minimum of 250 million years ago) can be observed on the south western portion of Pulau Redang between Pasir Macam Ayam and Pasir Kechil.

The allure of Pulau Redang lies in its pristine stretches of beach that offers excellent camping grounds with beautiful spots for picnics and safe swimming in its shallow waters. Head to the large bay of Teluk Dalam in the north of the island, Pasir Telok Kalong and Pasir Panjang. Other beaches to head to are to the west and north coast, at Pasir Mak Simpan, Pasir Mak Kepit dan Pasir Changar Hutang, which are also turtle laying areas. There are buffer zones for the turtle sanctuaries here, so do take care not to intrude.