About Pulau Tenggol

Destination For Deep Sea Diving

The southern most island in Terengganu, lying off the coast of Dungun, is Pulau Tenggol. An island not as crowded as the ones to its north, it is well known to be a magnet for hard core divers. Night diving, diving around shipwrecks and deep sea are some of the adventures divers look for here. Some parts of the seas surrounding this island are known to have strong currents. However, this does not deter the best and experienced divers who take this as an adrenalin pumping challenge.

One of the wild marine life that is sought after in the seas around Pulau Tenggol is the whale shark, a migratory shark that normally appears from August to October. As divers descend into the waters of Pulau Tenggol for its rich marine life, so do the whale sharks. And with divers always looking for new experiences and close encounters with bigger marine life, an encounter with a whale shark could be a once in a lifetime experience as they do not linger in any one location for long.